Using JavaHelp 1.1.3 with RoboHelp 2002

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In June of 2002, Sun released JavaHelp v 1.1.3. RoboHelp users quickly learned that RoboHelp does not work with JavaHelp 1.1.3.

Typically, RoboHelp users find that, after installing JavaHelp 1.1.3, they experience one or more of the following symptoms:

About the patch

eHelp has not released a patch to address this limitation in RoboHelp. As members of the JavaHelp 2.0 Expert Group, however, we have worked directly with Sun to address the problem. We pleased to make this patch available for RoboHelp users producing JavaHelp output.


  1. This procedure has been tested with RoboHelp 2002 and JavaHelp 1.1.3. If you are using an earlier release of RoboHelp, your mileage may vary.
  2. The patch contains only software code that is included elsewhere in the JavaHelp 1.1.3 distribution. However, this patch is provided AS IS and is not supported by Sun or by Knopf Online. This patch will not be included in future releases of JavaHelp.
  3. We invite your feedback about this tip and others available on our web site, but we regret we are not able to provide direct support by e-mail or telephone.
  4. If you are interested in services related to RoboHelp or JavaHelp, please visit our Services page.
  5. If you have questions about RoboHelp, we recommend you post your questions to the Help Authoring Tools & Techniques mailing list at
  6. If you have general questions about JavaHelp, we recommend you post them to the JavaHelp-Interest mailing list. Information is available at

Installing or removing the patch

To install the JavaHelp 1.1.3 patch for RoboHelp

This procedure assumes that you have already installed RoboHelp 2002.

  1. Close any Windows applications you are currently running, especially RoboHelp and any JavaHelp Help systems.
  2. If you have not already installed JavaHelp 1.1.3, do the following:
    1. Download the JavaHelp 1.1.3 software from software from
    2. Install the JavaHelp 1.1.3 software according to the instructions provided on the download page.
  3. Download the JavaHelp 1.1.3 patch for RoboHelp from
  4. Use WinZip or a similar tool to unzip the downloaded file. You will have a file named jhtools.jar.
  5. In Windows Explorer, copy the jhtools.jar file you extracted in step 4 to the JavaHelp lib directory. If you installed the JavaHelp 1.1.3 software in C:\jh1.1.3, for example, the lib directory will be C:\jh1.1.3\javahelp\lib.

Now that you have installed the patch, you will able to use RoboHelp to generate functional JavaHelp Help systems and to run them directly from the RoboHelp user interface.

To remove the JavaHelp 1.1.3 patch for RoboHelp

If you wish to remove the JavaHelp 1.1.3 patch for RoboHelp, do the following:

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the JavaHelp 1.1.3 lib directory. If you installed the JavaHelp 1.1.3 software in C:\jh1.1.3, for example, the lib directory will be C:\jh1.1.3\javahelp\lib.
  2. In the lib directory, delete the jhtools.jar file.

You have now restored your original JavaHelp 1.1.3 installation and removed the JavaHelp 1.1.3 patch for RoboHelp.